How To Contact Jungrara?

Hey! yeah...happy 2016...harhar..dah lambat kot!

Anyways, since I'm not really into blogging now, I've missed some of your comments and emails (yes, that happened because I use separate email for blog, personal, works, etc)...

Most of you have asked me about UNHAS and Dentistry in UiTM.
And I'm truly sorry for not replying your emails..I am genuinely truly very really sorry for that.
If you didn't get into UNHAS or UiTM I think it's my fault

For that, I've put my instagram ID, so you can ask me there. Don't forget to follow lah..boleh up sikit my follower kan..lulz #batakfollower the right side under "Tentang Jungrara" thats my insta.
It's been a long time since my last entry, I forgot how to edit blog nak bagi kiut. nak bagi link to my insta pun macam tak tahu lahhh..

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