Review: KWave 3 Malaysia 2018


Hi everyone,'s been a looooonggggg day since my last post. I guess instagram and twitter have taken up my life rite now. 

Anyways, last night I attended the KWave 3 at Stadium Malawati Shah Alam. The line up were; WJSN, Jeong Se Woon, Boyfriend, AOA, EXID, Monsta X, and FT Island. To be honest I'm not really a big fan of those groups....but I haven't attended any kpop concert for quite a long time...and my ultimate fav group, CNBLUE, sadly are in army right now...only God knows when will I ever see all four of them again. I only listen a lot to AOA, Boyfriend and FT I guess this is worth it. Plus, I just finished my yay!! Maybe this could be my small celebration. lol.

I bought the cheapest tix. Yeah,,I'm cheapskate..haha..even though my seat is the furthers, but I can still saw all groups clearly.  The concert started with WJSN. I seriously never listen to their songs, but their performance was so energetic and they are all so cute. The fanboys were really having great time. I was having a great time as well. I also love their fan service especially with rock zoners. 

Next we have Jeong Se Woon. He's a solo artist and I've never heard about him. Apparently, he was a contestant in show and now, he's got his own show. What a life. He got such a sweet voice, and I can listen to him all night along. He's quite a shy guy I guess

Then, we have Boyfriend. I used to stan this group so much. But when they advanced to Japan, I was not pay attention to them very much. Watching their live stage made me reminiscing all the good-old-kpop days...if you know what I mean. And guess what, they are celebrating their 7th anniversary. It was such an honor to have them here. 7 years and this is their first time in Malaysia! This group deserves to get more public recognition. 

And then we have AOA!!!!! Sadly there were only 5 members because Mina was not well and had to go to hospital. Speedy recovery Mina! The crowd went crazy and sing along to their songs, especially during Bingle Bangle. Everyone was shouting "bing bangle..bang! bang!"  They are all so beautiful especially Seolhyun. She's really the girl next door.

EXID stage was also fun and lively. Hani was sooooo cute. I think I had girl crush on her..haha.. like AOA, we also sing along to their songs. And the peak was definitely Up&Down.

The arena was heated when Monsta X coming. Their fans are no joke. The thirst is real guys!!!! I'm not a fan and I've never listened to them, but they are definitely a group that I'll listen to after this. Their performance were amazing, the crowd were amazing, the cheers were amazing....they are amazing!

Last but not least is FT ISLAND!!!!scream y'all scream!!! I think I know why this is a moment that has been waiting for by Primadonas. FT Island was scheduled to have their concert before, for a few times actually, but it was all cancelled. So, this was a great moment for all fans. While waiting for their stage to be prepared, the MC was having conversation with us and we had lucky draw. I was never lucky in lucky draw...sigh! I love the fact that they play their instruments live instead of using minus one. Because, when I watch KCON, band performance was not giving a chance to play it live. So, kudos KWave!!! FT Island definitely burn the stage! They make it like their own concert. And we're all stand up and sing together. Can you believe it? All of us were on our feet. I was hoping they sang their old songs like Lovesick or I Wish..but..nope. Even Hong Ki admit they need to have their own concert so that they can perform all songs. Yes Hong Ki! Definitely! Helloooo you hear that? Watching FT Island live stage made me miss CN Blue more...sobs..sobs. Hongki said that they know some fans complained that their music has changed. But I think their music is great. And the way they choose to stick with their believe in their colour and not following what public want...that ladies and gentleman,deserve a salute! They are more to rock alternative genre. Come on guys, we have enough kpop sound by other idol. Okayyy,,did I go out of topic? hahaha...

Anyways, it was an enjoyable night. And I can't wait for next kpop concert. Oh, I didn't take any pictures. I did record some videos...but you don't wanna listen to my scream. lulz!

Waves of Life

I love watching lakorn. But I haven't watched any since oppa k-dramas take over my life. So, earlier this week, when I was scrolling on my favourite download website, I was like, hey, this site  has some lakorn too,,let's check it out. And then, I download complete episodes of Kluen Cheewit. I just randomly picked this lakorn as it was under 'Editor's Choice'. #ineditorwetrust

And it was a very good drama. The chemistry between male and female lead...I just love it. Anyway, it's a romace-revenge drama. But, the subtitle is not really accurate I think. How I wish I could speak Thai languange. #azam2017

Image result for kluen cheewit
Jeerawat and Sathit
so much much love
Image result for kluen cheewit
cute ending!

One funny thing tho, the female character's name is Jeerawat. People call her Jee. But I can't help to think it as jerawat! agagagaga.

And I've learnt that lakorn has this genre that called 'slap and kiss'. Like whaatttt??? I think it only exist in lakorn. Definitely only lakorn. If I were translate it for Malay drama, it'll be tampar dan cium? Euw! How come that's a genre?


Floss Gigi

Pernah floss gigi tak? alaaaa....yang macam benang orang bersihkan celah-celah gigi tu. Haa,,tapi tu bukan benang tau. tu nama nye floss.

Perlu ke floss gigi?
Ya, perlu sebab menggosok gigi sahaja tak mencukupi. Macam ayat iklan kan

Kenapa perlu floss gigi?
Sisa makanan dan bakteria juga terdapat di celah-celah gigi. Kalau kita gosok gigi ia lebih membersihkan permukaan gigi yang luaran. Yang celah-celah tu susah sikit la nak dibersihkan. Lagi-lagi kalau kita guna berus gigi jenis berus dia kasar. Kalau kita tak bersihkan celah-celah gigi dengan sempurna, plaque terkumpul kat situ then jadilah masalah gusi kemudian gigi berlubang. 

Berapa kali nak floss gigi?
Sehari sekali pun cukup.

Guna benang je tak boleh ke?
well, benang tu terlalu nipis berbanding floss, so ia tak akan remove plaque secara efektif. Sebab ia lagi nipis, so masa floss gigi nanti kita ter-slip ke,,tak pasal-pasal gusi tercedera.

Jenis floss
Ada 2 jenis floss; waxed floss and unwaxed floss. Basically, tak de beza pun dua-dua jenis ni, yang penting teknik floss tu kena betul.

Ada juga floss yang ada pemegang. Yang tu lebih senang lah. 

Susah la nak floss gigi..
Ya, mula-mula memang susah. Lebih lagi nak floss gigi belakang. Tapi, practice makes perfect. Jangan la give up.

Kenapa berdarah lepas floss?
Untuk yang baru pertama kali nak floss gigi, benda ni selalu berlaku. Ia salah satu tanda ada radang gusi (gingivitis). Biasanya kalau lepas gosok gigi, lepas tu berdarah, haaa...tu maksudnya ada maslah gingivitis lah tu.. Tapi, jangan berhenti, x nak flossing dah. Kena teruskan juga. Sebab bila kita maintain oral hygiene, masalah gusi berdarah tu akan diatasi. 

Kalau floss je, tak payah gosok gigi boleh tak?
NOPE! perkara penting ialah gosok gigi, Floss gigi ni just nak bantu bersihkan gigi dengan lebih lagi. Lagipun, kan floss ni untuk bersihkan celah-celah gigi je...

Budak-budak kena floss gigi juga ke?
ya sayang...budak-budak pun kena floss juga. Untuk yang masih kecil, parents kena lah tolong floss kan. Bila dah besar sikit like umur 8 tahun ke, dah boleh suruh diorang buat sendiri

Saya pakai braces, nak kena floss juga ke?
Ha! kalau pakai braces lagi lah kena floss.

Macam mana caranya?

Jangan lupa mulakan rutin baru anda. Happy flossing 

#dental #dentaluitm #gigi