Cheese In The Trap

It's been awhile since I watch korean drama. I don't know why. I used to be a very updated k-drama fans. But now,,, I'm just.........lazy?ke dah tua..?haha!

Anyway, my friends are all crazy about Descendants of The Sun. I'm a big fan of Joong Ki...but still, I haven't watched this series. I start with Cheese in The Trap first, because my boyfriend (read: Park Hae Jin) is the main actor.

The first few episodes are good, with strong plot and motives. All the characters blend well. I like the mystery side of Yoo Jung. What he is up to? Who is he? What's his real personality and all...and I like that there's no push and pull between Hong Seol and Yoo Jung. But then,in the middle of the series, the plot is going down....dah jadi bosan dah..unsur-unsur saspen tu macam dah kurenggg...

So, is it worth to watch? ermmmmm....entah la. If you are Park Hae Jin fan, or at least a k-drama fans, then you should watch this. But if this is your saja-nak-buang-masa kind of drama..then, you memang buang masa lah.hoho!

Oh, btw, I'm reading the webtoon version. serius best. go read it lah guys... here's the link:

Jungrara bagi drama ni 3.5bintang je.

Park Hae Jin lagi hot masa kat drama Doctor Stranger


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