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I love watching lakorn. But I haven't watched any since oppa k-dramas take over my life. So, earlier this week, when I was scrolling on my favourite download website, I was like, hey, this site  has some lakorn too,,let's check it out. And then, I download complete episodes of Kluen Cheewit. I just randomly picked this lakorn as it was under 'Editor's Choice'. #ineditorwetrust

And it was a very good drama. The chemistry between male and female lead...I just love it. Anyway, it's a romace-revenge drama. But, the subtitle is not really accurate I think. How I wish I could speak Thai languange. #azam2017

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Jeerawat and Sathit
so much hate..so much love
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cute ending!

One funny thing tho, the female character's name is Jeerawat. People call her Jee. But I can't help to think it as jerawat! agagagaga.

And I've learnt that lakorn has this genre that called 'slap and kiss'. Like whaatttt??? I think it only exist in lakorn. Definitely only lakorn. If I were translate it for Malay drama, it'll be tampar dan cium? Euw! How come that's a genre?



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