Review: You're So Fine

For the past 7 years, CNBLUE has experimented different kind of music, different genre. I personally love Y Why,I'm Sorry, Coffee Shop, Can't Stop, Cold Love, Love Is.. etc etc. I kinda agree that Cinderella is not their best single and they are kinda hit rock bottom with that, though I agree it's another good piece as they've never tried electro-kind music.

When they comeback with You're So Fine, it's totally sounds like CNBLUE. I prefer them to sound more like their previous single i.e I'm Sorry or Cold Love but as you listen to all CNBLUE songs, you know CNBLUE true colour is something like You're So Fine. It's like they are on journey to search their trueself, and they arrive to their destination which is You're So Fine. I remember reading an interview saying that '"this is the beginning of our music".  Although I'm not into this kind of music, but the important thing about music is for you to enjoy. And if this is something that CNBLUE love the most and enjoy the most, shouldn't we at least support them?

I admit that You're So Fine is not my jam at first, but as I listen to this song again and makes me feel happy and I've fallen for it, sing along  and do fan chant whenever I watch their performance. Overall, I like this new song. It's different but it is CNBLUE. Previously, I kinda disappointed with Cinderella, but my faith is restored with You're So Fine. And they totally deserve their win on all music show.

To those who leaves this fandom, I understand and respect your decision, But please, don't insult our boys and say thing like "they not genuine anymore"  "cnblue has lost their touch" etc. Remember Yonghwa once said "If you don;t like our music, just don't listen to it" so if you don't like their music anymore, just don't listen! easy peasy rite?

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